Jeremiah Scholl
In a cool little out if the way shopping center. Very nice vibe, all the customers seemed so happy in there. The staff was friendly too. I had the “Ultimate Bitcoin Burger” and it was so good, but also sorta will make you sleepy because it’s so big and heavy. So, I had two Turkish coffees to wake up. It did the trick! Highly recommend!
Yeva Khavasova
The food at bitcoin is exceptional! Very tasty and well prepared and you can chose among many menu options. I highly recommend this place for lunch, dinner and private parties.
Jason Hill
Best kosher meat restaurant in Denver! We ordered the meat lovers special. The lamb chops were excellent. The chicken kabobs were fantastic. The lamb kabobs were great! The shawarma was good. I really enjoyed the Israeli salad. Great group of people. So glad that we finally got a meat kosher restaurant in Denver. All you kosher and gluten-free folks out there... Come support this excellent restaurant.
D Mo
Once you spend a few minutes here, it becomes clear that service delivery is important to the owners. Both are on-site paying attention to every detail and asking for input. Overall, fantastic experience for a 3 week old establishment.
My husband took me here for my birthday and it was delicious. First the ambiance is little Tuscany meet chic New York. The place is clean and very warm and welcoming. The staff greets you with a smile and is very attentive to all your dining needs. They take their time and explain menu items and answer any questions you might have. We had wings and lamb kebab. The wings were crispy and the kebab was tender and not dry or over cooked. Overall experience is 10/10. Would highly recommend!!!
Moshe Vaks
This is one of the best Kosher Restaurants in America! I have been to probably close to 100 different kosher restaurants and this is by far the best. Everything is so fresh and delicious and the service is incredible. Highly recommend to check this place out!!!
Naya S.
My husband and I came to Bitcoin and immediately fell in love with the ambiance and coziness of this small restaurant. Our server, Ben, greeted us and walked us through the menu as it was our first but certainly not last time visiting the restaurant. We ordered the salad sampler, the lamb kebab laffa and the shwarma laffa as well as a few drinks. Let me tell you, the salad sampler was presented so nicely on a lazy Susan. Every salad had its own delicious flavor and the best part was, the pitas are made in house. The two entrees were HUGE! My husband and I had to split them and even then we couldn't finish it all. Great place, amazing service (ask for Ben when you go), delicious food. What more can you ask for.
Dor S.
Great place ! For now one of the best Israeli food restaurant in denver . The Laffa chicken was great and was super fresh . Services was great , price to portion is also good